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SinfulColors A Class Act Swatch & Review

Wednesday, December 02, 2015nail a college drop out

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We're half way through the week and I am way past way through this semester. Seriously though, as soon as finals are over I'm going out for a drink or three.
Anyway, today I've got a few selection from SinfulColors A Class Act collection; some of which have a demi-matte finish, so that's instantly kinda fun right? Right.

Now that I've aired my grievances with my current semester of school, on to the real reason we're all here. Nail polish.

Whiteboard* is three coats and self-levels pretty well on it's own. Unbeknownst to me, I smudged my ring finger and never noticed until I started typing this post. Either way I'm impressed by this white, especially for a $1.99 drugstore brand.

VIPeach* is yellow. Yes, I know, a yellow nail polish named peach. A completely different color. This threw me too.
Anywho, yellows are absolutely notorious for being nothing short of difficult, but this one wasn't so bad (you know, considering it is a yellow after all). Shown above is 3 coats.

Burst of Fresh Flair
Burst if Fresh Flair is a sheer pearlescent lemon yellow.  If you're cool with visible nail line, then the three coats shown above will certainly work for you; if not, you may want to consider a solid base color.

Summer S-cool
Summer S-cool is my favorite of the group (partially because I'm somehow drawn to the spelling). It's a two-coat robin's egg blue créme. Y'all already know how I feel about créme finishes.

Chalk It Up
Chalk It Up* is a demi-matte pistachio green. I want to say that it's really just the matte alternative for SinfulColors Pistachio, but I don't ready have that polish in front of me to compare. I'll update later with my findings. Shown above in two easy coats.

Feel the Vibe
Feel the Vibe is--what I'm going to describe as--a Nickelodeon-esque orange. By the way, it starts out thin but perfect in three coats.

Blackboard* is your typical black lacquer with a demi-matte finish. Nothing game changing, but for $1.99 why not add it to your collection.

RADient*, Hazed*, and Truth or Lavendare* are pictured in the group photo at the beginning of the post, but I didn't actually swatch them. Because nail art. That's why.
If you missed the original post, you can still find it HERE.

All swatches done without top coat & (*) denotes a demi-matte finish.

The complete A Class Act collection contains 27 shades and all retail for $1.99. If your Walgreens is super late with getting collections, you may still be able to find them. It should also be noted that SinfulColors always seems to be down for a good re-promote. So don't lose all hope if you missed out this round.

Press Sample
Spot any favorites? Did you get your hands on any of these shades? Let chat in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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