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Barielle Sweet Treats Swatches

Wednesday, March 13, 2013nail a college drop out

Today I've got swatches of the Barielle Sweet Treats collection! Are you excited? If you're a generally fan of Spring collections and Barielle you very well should be!

Let's get things started with Blue Cotton Candy

 Being that it is 3 am as I'm typing this post I'm running low on a good description of this shade.
Barielle describes it as a frosted opalescent sea blue.
Shown above in two coats.

Banana Drop
Banana Drop is your typical pastel yellow with your almost typical pastel yellow formula.
A bit of a pain to work with, but less complicated than butter LONDON Jasper.
**Shown above in four coats.

Green Apple Chew
My absolute favorite of the collection! I don't think my 3am brain can make words to explain just how much I love this shade! describes this as a bright creamy lime green, and I couldn't agree more!
**Shown above in two coats.

Lilac Jelly Bean
**This sort of grayed out lilac had a flawless application in only two coats. Loved it!

Orange Parfait
Barielle describes this shade as a creamy soft coral. That's a pretty dead on description, but my camera depicts Orange Parfait to be more vibrant than it is in real life.
Shown in two coats

**middle and ring finger have two coats Barielle Matte-inee Matte Top Coat
*Products provided by PR/Manufacturer for review*

Barielle Sweet Treats Shades are available as a 5-Pack for $25 on While Matte-inee retails for $16.

Spot any favorites in this collection?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. These are lovely but that Green Apple Chew - WOW! So bright and fun for spring!

  2. LOVE Green Apple Chew on you! Flawless swatches :)
    A little disappointed that Banana drop was 4 coats of trouble. Oh well. Typical for yellow pastels.


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