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Monday, March 18, 2013nail a college drop out

Where oh where has the weekend gone? Why is it Monday? Do I really have to go to work today? Too much week, not enough end!

Recently I've been forced back down to shorties and needed a pick-me-up-manicure and being that my gold spikes are my absolute favorite don't-mess-with-me-cause-you-not-about-that-life embellishment I had to break them out.

Last year I did a wedding nails week and I decided this would be a pretty damn spiffy addition to it.

How did I combine such wedding bliss and bad-assery(?) all rolled up into one manicure? Three thin coats of Dare To Ware Flawless White, two coats of Jade Holographico Mystic Gold, and three gold spikes I bought on eBay.

Can I just say that an opaque, streak-free bright white nail polish is incredibly hard to find? So, I highly suggest giving Dare To Wear Flawless White a try.

Side note: Nail A College Drop Out hit 100K pageviews yesterday!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. love it!!!! your title totally reminded me of an old song from the 80s!

  2. This manicure is so cool! And weird enough, I still think it's superfeminine..those spikes work!

    Meant To Attend


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