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Tuesday, February 11, 2014nail a college drop out

Yesterday I kicked off Nail Crush with a leminiscate mani and a bang up of a giveaway! It only felt right that today I've got a guest post from someone whose nails I've been lusting admiring for over a year now. Her work ranges from subtle and elegant to obnoxiously bright, and she rocks talons! Now what's not to love about Winnie over at Nothing. But why take my word when you can find out for yourself eh?
HEYYYYYYYYYYYY! My name is Winnie and what an honour it is to be here on Nail A College Drop Out!!
Today I have some not-so-typical mani for Valentines...because to be nails make me cringe. So here I am to express my love for being RANDOM!
I love everything geometric. It’s really mind blasting how many different looks simple lines can create! For this design, I used Butter London’s latest collection Keen and Goss (ring finger) as base. I also used some gold foils on the thumb, as well as Black & White acrylic paint for the line work.

These are from the Boho Rock collection, which I am currently obsessed with. With a subtle peach undertone, Keen is a soft, classy crème polish. I usually wear it with polka dots...but as you can basically goes well with everything! On the ring finger is Goss- a bronze polish with a smooth metallic finish. These two go so well together!
Accenting a few geometric shapes are Butter LONDON Lucy In the Sky and Fiver. Lucy In The Sky is SO pretty! The holographic glitters definitely stand out and shine like stars and all things pretty and bright.  What I love about this design is that not one nail look the same as another....kind of like the train of my thoughts....things just happen randomly ^_^ EMBRACE THE RANDOM!

Well that’s all for me today!! Hope you enjoyed today’s post!! Special thanks to Briana for having me on your awesometastic blog. I had such a wonderful time creating this mani.
Have the MOST amazing day!
See why I might be a little obsessed with her? To see more of Winnie's work stop by her blog, follow her on Twitter & Instagram, and like her on Facebook!

Stick around for more Nail Crush excitement and don't forget to enter the giveaway!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. Man that manicure is so gorgeous! I love her nails!

  2. VERY PRETTY! Those colors are fantastic together!

  3. How have I not heard of her blog before?!? Gorgeous look.

  4. Gorgeous nails! <3 Definitely going to follow! :)

  5. This is AMAZING! Following Winnie on Instagram and FAcebook now and checking out her blog! :D

  6. Oh my gosh this manicure is perfect!

  7. you are so welcome! glad you could participate!n

  8. I love everything about this mani!


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