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LemmingsPolish, Will You Be My Nail Crush?

Thursday, February 13, 2014nail a college drop out

LemmingsPolish is one of my favorite nail accounts on Instagram right now. Why? She swatches and does nail art. The cherry on top of it all? She uses plenty of neons! She's my last guest post of the week so show her some Nail Crush love guys!


Hi All! I'm Imani Morgan from LemmingsPolish on Instagram and Briana invited ME to be her nail crush! I decided to keep it in the spirit and create some Chalkboard Valentine's Nails. I decided to do them because I've never done chalkboard nails before and I thought that Valentine's day would be the perfect time to do them. I drew inspiration from a couple of places to come up with this design. The XO design on my index finger has been a popular Valentine's Day design and I just really wanted to include it. The phrases on my middle finger was a collaboration between me and my boyfriend, he came up with the majority of the phrases. The pattern on my ring finger was inspired by a pillow that I saw on Pinterest and I had been waiting like a month for Valentine's Day to recreate it. And finally the lips on my pinky finger were on my to-try list and I actually really love the way that they came out.

The materials I used were a detail brush, red, white and red acrylic paint (which you should invest in if you haven't already, because acrylic paint instead of nail polish will make nail art 100x easier), black polish for the base and Essie's Matte About you to give it the Chalkboard effect. 

I really enjoyed myself doing these and I  think they scream Valentine's Day. Thank you so much for asking me to be your nail crush Briana! It was an honor!

Wanna see more from LemmingsPolish? Follow her on IG!

Don't forget to enter the giveaways I've got going this week and stay tuned for what I've got planned for tomorrow!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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