Barielle Barielle Dazzling Diamonds

Barielle Dazzlinig Diamonds Swatches

Monday, August 20, 2012nail a college drop out

You like glitter? Of course you do! So, as the title suggests, I have the Barielle Dazzling Diamonds 5-Pack to show you. Yay!

Cherry Blossom Sparkler
shown here in four coats
I had no problems with application; but in the event you're not fond of visible nail line I suggest using a white polish as a base.

Pink Diamond
 shown here in four coats
Again no problem with application. Pink Diamond is opaque in three coats but I decided to do four for good measure.

Purple Hearts
shown here in two coats over China Glaze Light as Air
I know what you're thinking, "there aren't any hearts in here." Oh, I'm the only person who assumed incorrectly? All assumptions aside it's still a very pretty polish!

Ebony Rainbow
two coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme
Since this one can't be built up to full opacity and it's name is Ebony Rainbow; I layered it over a black polish.

two coats over Barielle Peach Popsicle
I have a feeling that this guy would look great over a white polish for a Xmas party!

Overall I had no problem with application with any of these polishes. And if I had to pick a favorite Ebony rainbow would be it!
*products provided for review*
The Barielle Dazzling Diamonds 5-Pack retails for $25 and is available on

See any you'd love to get your hands on?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. The one with peach popsicle is gorgeous, and is stunning on your skintone!! :)

  2. I can't even choose a favorite, these are all stunning!

  3. Wow! Pink Diamond is outrageous! In a good way, though! Great swatches!

  4. Great swatches, these look so very lovely!! Completely in love with Ebony Rainbow.


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