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Friday, July 21, 2017nail a college drop out

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Hopefully you guys have enjoyed my travel additions to the site because you'll definitely be getting more of it in the near future *wink* but right now it is all swatches all the time. What's on today's menu? Zoya Charming collection.

Tina | Abby | Amira
Jordan | Millie | Lacey

Even though this collection doesn't have crémes with either a glitter or shimmer counterpart, I still decided to swatch this collection the same way I've been swatching Zoyas for years. (Seen HERE.)
Now let's get started.

Tina & Abby
Tina issa shade of purple. How can I not love it. And issa créme? Come on now. Fully opaque in two smooth coats.
Abby a nice lilac créme. Unfortunately, the formula on this one is less than favorable. It was thick to apply and doesn't level without the use of top coat. Fully opaque in three coats.

Amira & Lacey
Amira is described by Zoya as a soft dewy blue micro-sparkle. Let's just call it a shimmer. Shall we? Fully opaque in three coats.
Lacey is again described by Zoya as a micro-sparkle. A light dewy green micro-sparkle. Y'all. Issa shimmer. Fully opaque in three coats.

 Millie & Jordan
Millie you guessed it, Zoya calls this one a micro-sparkle. I would classify it as a foil. If I could find my label maker I'd do a comparison because shade reminds my a lot of Zoya Carly; but only not as dark. Anyway this shade is fully opaque in two smooth coats. And because I normally have at least one favorite, Millie is it. *swoons*
Jordan oh Jordan. I wish you were promising. this one was really thick to apply (even thicker than Abby), streaky, and definitely needs a top coat. Fully opaque in three coats.

With the exception of the noted lacquers, the formula on this collection was amazing. On a personal note I like this this collection isn't three or more shades of pink and red. Y'all know how I feel about collections that are mostly shades of pink and red.

Charming is available now on for $10 each.

Do you find Charming charming? Think my jokes are corny? Let's chat in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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