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Wednesday, July 12, 2017nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose
What have I been up to in my absence? You know, aside from pulling all-nighters to finish yet another semester? It finally seems like the end is in sight. I still remember my Michelle Obama nails I wore for the first day of school. *awww*

Now I'm getting beside the point. Anyway, I started traveling. Since December I've been to Las Vegas (for the second time), DC, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cancun, and Chichen Itza. And today I've got a mini haul of polish I got in Dubai, pictures of the Sephora in the Financial District, along with a few other pics.

Believe it or not, I went to the other side of the world and only came back with four bottles of nail polish. I know. Who am I? And what did I do with the real Briana? 

Towards the end of my trip, I realized that I hadn't even bought any souvenirs or nail polish. Luckily my hotel was a few minutes away from a Day To Day store--a one-stop discount shop for damn near everything from batteries, candy, clothes, beauty, etc. Nothing fancy just run of mill 99¢ Store type stuff.

After I walked around and bought a whole bunch of Asian candy, the sorriest looking knockoff Uno cards, refrigerator magnets, I stopped dead in front of a full display of scented nail polish. The colors weren't anything I didn't already have, but hey, for eight dirhams (2.18 USD) each I figured why not. Who else can say they bought nail polish in Dubai?

And now let's get into a Sephora in Dubai's Financial District that I passed by on a bus tour. Y'all, I promise you it was huge. H U G E.
Quick side note: if you picked up that H U G E reference, congrats. You definitely live in Western New York

And here I am standing on a glass platform at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Was I terrified? I'll never tell you.

As far as my choice in pedicure goes, I kept seeing white toenails as a huge trend on twitter so I went for it. I still don't see what all the fuss is about. *Kanye shrug*

Here's a random fact no one asked for. I'm the last person to pack and paint my nails for vacation. So last minute that I finished my nails less than twelve hours before I left. Since I still had to finish packing, complete my treatment and screenplay for class, and try to get some sleep, That didn't leave any time for me to take and edit any of my normal pics of my nails.

Not nail related but here I am on Jumeirah Beach posting my first official "thirst trap" (as the kids would say) on IG.

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If you're interested in more of my travel and polish adventures you can see them in real time on Snapchat @ DropOutNails.

And for more from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and everywhere else I've gone this year follow my personal account on Instagram @GoHomeBriana.

By the way, I hashtag all my vacations now. To see everything I've shared thus far on my week in the United Arab Emirates search #BriInTheUAE & #JoAndBriInTheUAE on Insta.

Wanna see more of my travel adventures here? Take any amazing vacations this year? Tell me in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.
Nothing To Disclose

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