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KBShimmer All The Bright Moves Nail Art, Swatch, & Review

Monday, July 03, 2017nail a college drop out

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It. Is. Summer! You know what that means? It's officially seasonally acceptable to wear neon nail polish. Not that it's ever stopped me before, but, you know. So what's on the menu today? KBShimmer's All The Bright Moves.

All The Bright Moves | Please Don't Glow Girl | Color Me Rad
Let's Be Frank | Double Pog Dare You | Race Against Slime

As the title of today's post suggests, I've got nail art, swatch, and review. But before I start talking about this collection, I need to tell you that these are fully opaque WITHOUT a white base.
Get into it.

All The Bright Moves
 All The Bright Moves a highlighter yellow of all highlighter yellows. This was the only shade of the collection that had some issue formula wise, but in all honesty that is to be expected from any yellow nail polish. It is kinda streaky at three coats but levels perfectly after a layer of top coat.

Please Don't Glow Girl
Please Don't Glow Girl This Nickelodeon orange is shown above in three coats.

Color Me Rad
Color Me Rad a direct quote from KBShimmer describes this shade as, "a shockingly bright watermelon color, a neon red with warm pink undertones." That description is honestly the best way to describe it.
Shown above in two coats.

Let's Be Frank

Let's Be Frank this Lisa Frank inspired purple is my favorite. Why? Well it's purple. End of story.
Fun fact: I've actually never owned any Lisa Frank school supplies growing up. *sad emoji*
Shown above in two coats.

Double Pog Dare You
Double Pog Dare You is the sky blue neon crème of your dreams. Yes, you need this.
Shown above in two coats.

Race Against Slime
Race Against Slime this neon green colorway makes me feel like I'm waiting for Britney Spears to get slimed at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. Ah, nostalgia. Yeah, I know this collection is inspired by the 80s but I'm a 90s baby.
Shown above in two coats.

Overall the formula on these was incredibly smooth to apply, not to easy to water marble with, but I'm pretty bad at water marbling anyway. The most impressive part is that NONE of these required a white base coat, which isn't just kinda a big deal. It. Is. A. Huge. Deal.

If you've missed the press release and want more info and full descriptions of the colors directly from KBShimmer click HERE.

KBShimmer’s All The Bright Moves collection is available KBShimmer.com, Amazon.com and select salons & retailers.

I own and have reviewed tons of neon nail polish over the last six years so when it comes to this I know what I'm talking about. If you love neon polish the way I do, you need this collection.

Press Sample
Will you be copping these?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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