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Wednesday, June 08, 2016nail a college drop out

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It's not officially summer yet (summer solstice is June 20th by the way) but I've got some very summer ready nails using both Seashells (PixieDusts) and Sunsets (crèmes). I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've used an entire twelve-piece collection for a mani so let's get to it shall we?

My original plan was to swatch these collections the same way I've swatched other Zoya 12-piece sets, but then I got the idea for this mani.

My index and middle fingers are a water marble using all six crèmes from the Sunsets collection while the rest are all hand painted stripes using all six PixieDusts from the Seashells collection.

Top: Brynn | Dixie | Ness | Cam | Liv | Dory
Bottom: Zooey | Linds | Cece | Levi | Tilly | Bay

 Zoya Sunets - crèmes

 Zoya Seashells - PixieDusts

Gosh, I remember when I first heard the rumor that Zoya was discontinuing the PixieDust lines and I was crushed.  Y'all just don't know how hyped I was for this collection when I got the press release. Super pigmented crèmes AND new original formula PixieDust shades? Girl, yes. I was completely here for ALL of it.

This mani looks so trippy to me. Maybe it's because I'm typing this post at 2am or maybe because I've been editing/taking photos for quite a bit of time.Whatever it is I love it!

Mayra over at Lip Drama said the stripes look like sour punch candy stripes and after she brought that to my attention, I couldn't agree more. Quick side note: if anyone would like to buy me some sour candy it'd be much appreciated.

Half way through creating this mani I thought it was gonna be too busy but once I finished it I was in love. It's the perfect combination of texture, color, and style.

ICYMI: Zoya Seashells & Sunsets press release HERE.

Individually the polishes in this collection are $10 each, the complete Seashells set is $60, and the Sunsets set is $54. There are multiple sample sets available too. More info on those via the press release and on

Plan on getting this summer collection? Or any summer collections from any other brands? Let's talk lacquer in the comments!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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