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Monday, May 23, 2016nail a college drop out

Press Sample Yes, I know, Zoya just released their summer collection & lip sticks, but let's stop and enjoy the Petals. Shall we?

So I started with a solid color on each fingernail. From thumb to pinky I used Aster, Azalea, Zahara, Tulip, and Laurel. Next, I laid down some wavy nail art vinyls and painted over each nail with Leia. And finally, I pulled off the nail vinyls and topped off this mani with, what else (?), top coat.

Zahara | Aster | Azalea
Tulip | Leia | Laurel

The formulas for these were pretty decent with the exception of Tulip. Tulip was a bit thick, yet managed to not self-level after three coats. *sad face*

Overall, I can definitely see the floral influence, but for my tastes I could have done without Zahara, Tulip, and Laurel. Way to repetitive with the pinks/coral.

If you missed the press release you can catch it HERE.  

Whatever shades you decide to go with, the entire Petals collection is available for $10 each or $60 for the full set on

Press Sample

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