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Monday, February 01, 2016nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose
Y'all know I love a good neon, but as of late, I've been on the prowl for more nudes. At this point I've pretty much been yelling into the nail polish universe, "send me nudes!" Please note that actually yelling the aforementioned request can come with adverse results. Just an FYI.

Anyway, if you follow me (add me? I'm not entirely sure what the proper term is for this social media platform) on snap chat *cough* DropOutNails *cough* you saw that I was intending to swatch this collection.
And if you're reading this post now, you'll know I obviously changed my mind.

I opted for something simple, a plastic wrap mani using all three shades.

Skinny Dip | Voyeur | Birthday Suit
Start (base coat) | Finish (top coat)
Can we just take a moment to admire the packaging here? This is exactly how these polishes arrived--minus crinkled paper strips used for shipping. They look so perfect in the box I'm tempted to store them this way for the long haul.

D.I.D. Nail Paint's website describes these as highly pigmented and I would be compelled to agree. I actually wore two of the three shades for a couple of days and pretty much fell in love. Skinny Dip is my fav by the way.
Start (the base coat) was alright, I didn't feel like it out-performed anything I already use so I could take it or leave it at this point. While Finish (the top coat) wasn't bad in terms of shine, but under no circumstance is it a quick dry--although, it is worth noting that it is not marketed as such.
I forgot how long it takes for polish dry if you don't use a fast drying top coat, so waiting for my polish to dry felt like an eternity.

Overall I could do without the base & top coats and just opt for the colors themselves.

The Nude Collection (including Start & Finish) is available for $40 or $10 each if you by the colors separately on
If you live in the U.S. get free shipping using promo code NAILMAIL at checkout.

When is the last time you got some nudes?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.
Nothing To Disclose

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