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28 Black-Owned Nail Polish Brands

Wednesday, February 10, 2016nail a college drop out

Yes my loves, you read the title right. Today I'm spotlighting 28 Black-owned nail polish brands. I'm going to side step the anecdotes and just jump to what we're all here for. The nail polish.

Quick note:
With 28 brands covered in one place, please brace your wallets & PayPal accounts accordingly. Or not. Your call.

1. Pear Nova
The shipping was crazy fast. I ordered these late on a Saturday evening and they got to my front door the following Monday.
Shop: | Posts featuring Pear Nova HERE

2. Polish My Life
I did unboxing of these on Snapchat the day they arrived. How can you not love this brand?

3. Ginger + Liz
One of the best ways to make a memorable lacquer--you know, aside from having a good formula--is the name. With lacquer names like No Shade, Don't Kill My Vibe, and (my personal fav nail polish name) Bitch Fit, G+L makes it pretty hard to forget them.
A photo posted by Ginger + Liz nail lacquer (@gingerandliz) on

4. Ooh La Lacquer
Whether you're a sucker for holographic lacquers, Mean Girls themed nail polish, or unique glitter combinations. You're more than bound to find something to tickle you fancy here.

Shop: | Posts featuring Ooh La Lacquer HERE

5. Poochiez Pawz
These particular colors are no longer available. However, There are a few select colors available for purchase & there are a ton of nail art supplies to choose from.

6. Glam Paint Lacquer
Specializing in thermal polish, this brand was actually my first thermal polish. Despite me being a nail blogger, you wouldn't believe how long it takes for me to actively try new trends in polish.
Don't believe me? For example, I didn't buy my first magnetic nail polish until most stores had them in the clearance bin. I kid you not.

Glam Paint Lacquer Strawberry Cheesecake
Shop: | Posts featuring Glam Paint Lacquer HERE

7. 2 Sisters Cosmetics
"What do you get when you put together an engineer, architect, account, two entrepreneurs and a retired college administrator? 2 Sisters Cosmetics, LLC."

8. Ka'Oir Cosmetics
If You love bright lipsticks and want your nails to be just as bright, this is the brand for you.

9. Pure Nail Lacquer

Shop: | Posts featuring Pure Nail Lacquer HERE


10. Coloured Raine Cosmetics
Coloured Rained doesn't just offer nail polish. You want lips and eyes to be as bold as your nails, you can find it all in one place.
A photo posted by Coloured Raine Cosmetics (@colouredraine) on

11. Lisa Nail Lacquer
Lisa Nail Lacquer, a brand I first noticed on Instagram, was created by a former beauty editor that worked at some of the top national fashion magazines in NYC. Who would know better about creating bomb nail polish shades than her right? Right.


12. K Squared Nail Paint
Currently, K Squared is working on a new look and new colors. If you go their Etsy shop, you can sign up to be emailed upon their return.

13. Bernadette Thompson
Bernadette Thompson, celebrity manicurist, not only has amazing colors but an even more impressive clientele. Seriously though, she's worked on just about everyone from Beyoncรฉ, Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Gwen Stephani, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and Rita Ora. Y'all, please check her credentials.
A photo posted by The Bernadette Thompson (@bernadettenails) on

14. Lenora Nail Colors
If I remember correctly, this is another brand I found on Instagram. Three cheers for IG. Hip hip hooray! x3


15. Col'e Cosmetics
Fun fact: I found this brand because the same graphic design team did our logos. So a quick shout out to Dejah Designz!

16. 1143 H2O Nail Polish
Non-toxic, vegan, water based, breathable nail polish


17. O So Dollish
Did you watch every episode of Boss Nails like I did? Well O So Dollish was literally in every single episode.
Aside from the color choices, I love the packaging.

18. Nail Glam by Jove'e Co
Nail Glam originally started out as a nail polish subscription service, but their revamping and should be launching soon.

20. M2M Natural Nail Care
Info on this brand was a little bit harder to find. But hey, the internet seems to be a plentiful place.

21. Polish & Co.
Polish & Co.'s mission is simple. To create a product completely free of harmful ingredients and chemicals.

22. Adore Her Nails
Adore' Her Nails aims to be 5 free, affordable, and fast-drying. Can't go wrong with that can we? Didn't think so.

23. LiSi Cosmetics
From my understanding, this brand is currently doing a relaunch. No word on an official return date yet.

24. Princess M Nail Polish 
The most impressive thing about this brand? It was started by a 14 year old girl!

25. Nasty Nails
Oh Nasty Nails, a brand with lacquer names just as dirty as you want them to be. Nope, they are not even sexual innuendos. Just plain sexual.


26. D.I.D Nail Paint
So remember those nudes I kept talking about on Twitter? You know, the ones that are perfect for girls with melanin? Yup, those are D.I.D. Nail Paint.
Shop: | Posts featuring D.I.D. Nail Paint HERE

27. 25th & June
Want a quick summary about the brand? According to 25th & June's Instagram, it's 5-free, toxin-free, and beauty-full.


28.  Mischo Beauty
Mischo Beauty has been recommended by Vogue, Instyle, Elle, and Marie Claire. Why? Well according the to brand's website, it probably has a little something to do with the long-lasting shine, being toxic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and 8 free. Yes. You read that correctly. 8 FREE.

Find any new black-owned lacquers to fall in love with? Is there a brand that isn't on this list that should be? How about we talk lacquer in the comments, shall we?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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