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When Good Manis Go Bad: Baby Blue, Whoa!

Monday, January 18, 2016nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose

Nail fails. They happen to everyone, myself included. The concept for this mani was simple, stenciled stars using a nude and light blue color scheme. Seems easy enough right? So I thought at least.

Bad idea  #1
Not using painters tape

Bad idea #2
Using masking tape that was so old, it no longer had most of it's tenacity. In layman's terms, it was old and could barely stick to anything. But alas, I stubbornly had to see this mani to fruition. *le sigh*

I wasn't crazy about the outcome, but I was tired and had to get up early the next day so I kept them.

My thumb, index, and middle finger use Pear Nova Brand Spankin' Nude as a base color, while the stars, my ring, and pinky finger are done in O So Dollish Baby Boy.
Pear Nova Brand Spankin' Nude | O So Dollish Baby Boy

Good manis don't always end up so great, and occasionally they end pretty badly.
Wanna laugh at more of my past failures? Peep the rest of When Good Manis Go Bad HERE
Does the first time I tried this idea for a mani somehow pique your interest? Click HERE.

Quick unrelated note here. 
I joined Snapchat. 
Find me @ DropOutNails.
I'll be posting sneak peeks for blog posts, unboxings, and all around shenanigans.

Kudos to anybody that caught the Pretty Ricky Reference in the title.

What's the last technique you tried and failed? Let us mourning our poorly executed manicures together in the comment section.

Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Nothing To Disclose

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