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Barielle Gentle Breeze & Bling It On Swatch and Review

Thursday, April 02, 2015nail a college drop out

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So I've been posting a few press release posts lately with no nail art in sight. Sadly that's because I suffered a really sad nail break involving a door handle at the Levi's Outlet Store =(

Granted, I left with a $20 pair of jeans. It came with the expense of my long stiletto nails.

Anyway, all sadness aside. tonight I've got a swatch and review of Barielle's Gentle Breeze and Bling It On collections. Both of which are for spring 2015 by the way.

Amethyst | Golden Halo | Sea Urchin | Shooting Star | Angel Dust
Pink Parasol | Champagne Bubbles | Under The Sea | Heaven Sent | Gray Sky

Pink Parasol & Amethyst

Pink Parasol is your typical pink créme that reaches full opacity in two easy coats.
Amethyst is a purple hex glitter that requires a bit of work to apply to the nail. Luckily it doesn't require a ton of fishing, but it does need to be blobbed on, as painting normally won't get you too much of anywhere.

Champagne Bubbles & Golden Halo
Before I get into the review for this pairing; I have to say it is easily my favorite of this entire post.

Champagne Bubbles, what can I say about Champagne bubbles? I like the color, but for some reason it's hard for me to describe right now. The closest thing that comes to mind right now is  an orange-y caramel color(?)  that becomes opaque in two coats.
Golden Halo is a gold micro glitter with pink hex glitter. In the bottle, by itself, I didn't find it too impressive, but when paired with Champagne Bubbles it really pops. **See what I did there? lol

Under the Sea & Sea Urchin
Under the Sea is described by Barielle as a scuba blue; I'd describe it as a dark teal with turquoise shimmer. Either way it becomes opaque in two coats.
Sea Urchin is a sheer, milky sea foam green base with yellow-green and blue-green hexagon glitters and a smaller green hex glitters throughout. 

Heaven Sent  & Shooting Star
Heaven Sent is a gorgeous aquamarine créme and just like every other shade in the Gentle Breeze collection, it becomes fully opaque in two coats. The moment I saw this shade on it's own, it immediately became a fav.
Shooting Star is the blue version of Sea Urchin. There's a brilliant purple flash in the base that is amazing in certain lighting, but my camera couldn't capture it. *sad face*

Gray Sky & Angel Dust
 Gray Sky is a simple gray with a slight silver shimmer that reaches opacity in two coats.
Angel Dust is a sheer iridescent shimmer with different sized iridescent hex glitters disbursed throughout.

If you haven't noticed, the base colors are in all the swatches shown today are from the Gentle Breeze collection; while the glitter toppers are all from the Bling It On collection. 

 Bling It On press release here.

All of the shades shown today are available now on for $8 per bottle or $25 per 5-piece set.

What's your favorite season for nail polish? Mine is summer. Let's talk seasonal polish trends in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.
Press Sample

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