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What Would I Rather Spend My Money On?

Monday, September 08, 2014nail a college drop out

Sponsored You ladies have been with me on this blog journey for a little over three years now, so I think we've built enough rapport to talk our lady problems. We have all been there, you're wearing your cutest/favorite pair of undies and then surprise surprise your uterus betrays you and there goes those panties you liked so much.

Instead of having to buy more underwear, I'd rather spend money on--you guessed it--nail polish. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those girls that goes to every VS Semi-Annual Sale, but I don't like it when I no longer have a choice as to what I want to spend my extra cash on.

But with U by Kotex and their new 3D Capture Core the undies are saved and I can choose to spend a surplus of funds on the good stuff (a.k.a. more nail polish).

I bought Tom Ford African Violet as a bday gift for my self and felt now as good a time as any to show it off.

I'm pretty much a sucker for things in pretty packaging so I am definitely feeling the colors these come in.

Visit U by Kotex and pledge to #savetheundies and request your free sample of U by Kotex 3D Capture Core feminine pads so you can spend your extra cash on other things nail polish.

Click to request your free sample.

Thanks U by Kotex for sponsoring today's story!

What would you rather spend your money on? New underwear or new nail polish? Let's chat in the comments & and join the conversation on social media using #savetheundies.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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