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Zoya Summer Magical Pixie |Press Release|

Thursday, May 15, 2014nail a college drop out

Zoya Summer Magical Pixie
Zoya Magical Pixie - a new PixieDust formulation, amped up with spectacular sparkle creating the most magical, Zoya PixieDust ever! Three new never before imagined textured, holographic beauties...

Three new hues in Zoya’s BEST-SELLING ultra textured, matte, holographic Magical Pixie formula to love!

  • ZP761 - Bar: Nude Topaz Magical Pixie.
  • ZP762 - Ginni: Pink Tourmaline Magical Pixie.
  • ZP763 - Arlo: Violet Amethyst Magical Pixie.

Zoya PixieDust Application:
For BEST RESULTS apply 2-3 thin coats of polish for full coverage to a clean oil free nail surface. Allow product to dry completely for full effect. Do not use a base coat or top coat. Top coat can be applied for additional glossy effects.

AVAILABILE MAY 15, 2014 | $10.00 ea. (US)

BIG5FREE: formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, camphor & dibutyl phthalate free, vegan friendly nail color.

Swatches here.

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