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Wednesday, April 10, 2013nail a college drop out

Press Sample By now some of you may have seen the new Hard Candy nail colors at your respective Walmart stores and today I've got swatches.

Let's start with two colors from the Crushed Chrome collection.

 Crushed On Copper

Crush On Ivy

Both are shown in two easy coats. I have a hunch that these will be great for stamping.

Next, I have Sparked Up from the Glitteratzi Collection.
Shown in four coats, this lacquer was probably intended just to be a glitter top coat. Sparked Up mostly tiny blue bar (aka hairy) glitter suspended in a clear base. Beneath is a bottle shot for a better look.

Up now is Shot of Lemon from the Itsy Glitzy Collection.
Shown in three coats. Shot of Lemon does not build up enough to cover any visible nail line. So if VNL is problem for you; you can layer it on top of a silver or white base color.

Second to last are two shades from the Crystal Confetti Collection.
Shown above are two coats of Party Confetti. I'm not too crazy about this shade. No, there weren't any problems with application. But for me this glitter just seems kind of thrown together for no real rhyme or reason.
Here is Celebrate Sequins shown in two coats in all of its holographic glory! This one is another glitter top coat with multiple sized hexagon and square glitters.

Last but certainly not least are two lacquers from the Candy Sprinkles Collection! Can you tell that may or may not be the most excited about the following polishes? Anyway, less talking, more polish.
Cotton Candy Pink shown in three coats.  CCP is silver and purple hexagon glitter suspended in a pink base. My photos are without top coat so it looks a tad bumpy, but a layer of your top coat of choice should fix that.

Peach Pop shown in three coats looks absolutely tasty! Peach Pop is silver, orange, and red hexagon glitter suspended in a peach base. 
Why spend a lot of money on more expensive brands for a speckled Easter egg look when hard Candy has 9 of the on trend shades for $3.97?

P.S. They also have an amazing black and white glitter! See swatches here.

Have you spotted the new editions to the Hard Candy line at your Walmart? Or are you like me and still stalking your local Wally World until they magically appear?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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