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Ambria for Nail A College Drop Out

Tuesday, April 09, 2013nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose Sadly my five day vacation is over and my family went back to Ohio. But of course before they went anywhere, I had to break out my handy dandy nail polish!

In a nut shell my cousin said, "Do you." And then this happened.

For her left hand a made a gradient with China Glaze Grape Pop, China Glaze Flying Dragon, Sinful Colors Dream On, and China Glaze Pool Party. Next, I used L.A. Girl 3D Effects in Dazzling Pink and Purple Effect for the striped sideways half moons.

For her right hand a started with a gradient base of China Glaze Refreshmint, China Glaze Aquadelic, and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover. Then, I used L.A. Girl 3D Effects in Brilliant Blue and Teal Dimension for the striped sideways half moons.

Does this technique look familiar? It should. See the original here.

Small side note: If you've ever tried to photograph Four Leaf Clover you know it is an absolute pain to capture it accurately.

If only I could vacation more often...
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Nothing To Disclose

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