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Sunday, April 28, 2013nail a college drop out

Press SampleAww yeah son! Summer is finally here! Nope, sorry, I lied. My wishful thinking and I again. However, I do have the Barielle Summer Brights Collection for summer '13.

Much like any other Barielle collection, Summer Bright consists of five pieces.

Front L-R Lemondrops, Cosmic Kiss, and Pink Flip Flops
Back L-R Sweet Addiction and Blue Capri

Because I'm not a huge fan of swatching and I'd much rather be more creative with nail art, I chose to do the latter.

Are you wondering, "How did I do this?" Alternatively, perhaps, "What is this?" Well folks, I literally dripped paint on my nails. Sounds simple right? Read on and find out!

1. Base coat your nails. My personal favorite is Nail Life Nail Revitalizer, but who asked me right?
2. Fold five pieces of aluminum foil into a shape that somewhat resembles a bowl. It doesn't need to be perfectSeriously. See the above picture. Add nail polish to each aluminum foil bowl.
3. The lacquers in the Summer Brights Collection are opaquedon't get me wrong, opaque is good! However, if you want something close to the type of "depth" only a jelly finish polish can provide, you'll need to add some nail polish thinner.

Speaking of, I used Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner from Sally Beauty Supply. I paid around $4 for a four ounce bottle.

4. Take your nail art striping brushI bought this handy dandy nail art brush set from maytheps-au.comand dip the polish into the first color and drip it over each nail. For an added effect, blow on your nails after each drip to spread the polish.
5. Repeat step four with the next four colors.
6. Seal with top coat. My go to top coat of choice is Dazzle Dry, but again, who asked me right?

Now enjoy your newly fantastic nails that took less than 30 minutes from beginning to end. Including prep!

Barielle Summer Brights Collection is officially available May 1st on as a kit for $25. As for now, you can purchase each shade individually at $8 on

*Barielle products provided by PR/Manufacturer*

Press Sample
Are these easy peasy lemon squeezey nails giving you life for summer?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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