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butter LONDON Sweetie Shop Spring 2013: Jasper, Cuppa, & Fiver

Tuesday, January 22, 2013nail a college drop out

Today I've got half of butter LONDON's Spring 2013 collection.

Jasper is described as an opaque bright yellow pastel creme.
Is it opaque? Yes, after four streaky finicky coats. This is most certainly the problem child of the bunch.

Cuppa is described as a toasted opaque tan creme.
I love it! Out of three pieces from this collection I own it's my favorite. It wasn't streaky and reached full opacity in two coats.

Fiver is described as an opaque icy mint.
I loved the color but the formula is pretty tricky. It absolutely refused to self-level after three coats.

I was feeling strangely uncreative today so I decided to try something different and swatch Cuppa on my index finger, Fiver on my middle, ring, and pinky fingers, and do some strange looking filigree using Jasper as a base and Cuppa for the filigree.

Jasper was an absolute monster to work with.
Cuppa had the best formula and application of the three.
Fiver, while being the prettiest color of the bunch, was a pain to work with. Not nearly as bad Jasper, but a pain none the less.
How did I resolve the issues with streaks? A nice healthy layer of top coat. Boom.

butter LONDON retails for $14 each and is available at Ulta, Sephora, and butterLONDON.com.

*products provided by PR/Manufacturer*

How do you feel about these pastels?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. cuppa is a great neutral on you! (:

  2. these are so pretty! too bad about the application issues on Jasper.

  3. I love Cuppa on you! I've been looking for a good neutral for my skin and might have to pick Cuppa up!


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