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Wednesday, July 24, 2019nail a college drop out

Press Sample

"We don't wanna drink, we wanna dance. Party life." - Miguel
Welp, now that I've randomly quoted a Miguel song we can move this blog post along.

Much like my Supreme nails, I painted these during the school year and never had the time to actually blog about them.

Due to my wildly busy schedule, I made these nails wildly simple. Matte and striped. I used the entire Zoya Party Girls collection. See full press release HERE.

Party Girls is comprised of 12 shades ranging from cremes to metallic jewel tones. If this collection seems more fitting for let's say a winter/holiday collection and not a summer release; that would be because it is.
After doing three stripes of color per nail, I finished this off with a matte top coat.  Easy enough right?

What's your I-need-an-easy-manicure look? Tell me in the comments?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.
Press Sample

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