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Sunday, July 21, 2019nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose Ah, yes. The Internets have done it again. There's a new meme trend. You guessed it, it's the Area 51 & I have the nails to match.

While the theme was inspired by Facebook & Twitter memes alike, the colorway was inspired by my fav Fenty x Puma Creepers. You know the ones. The dark blue and neon green joints. I've got a story about those for another day. But I digress.

Color Club Having A Ball, Color Club No Curfew | Maniology plate BM-XL409 | Sha Nail Pro Kaids001

This mani was relatively easy. Some simple shapes using two of my beloved Color Club matte neons, some reverse stamping, and some Sha Nail Pro decals a friend got for me while she was in Japan.

Those aliens seen above are from a Sha Nail Pro decal sheet. Sha Nail Pro decals range anywhere from $7.50-$19.99 each depending on the retailer. But I found some knock-offs on AliExpress for .89¢-$1.69 each. More on those knock-offs at a later date post.

For my alien thumb, I did a reverse stamping technique with Maniology BM-XL409.

A portrait of my zaddy after we met at Area 51 😍👽

This was my first time doing a reverse stamp. I've gotta admit it was pretty easy. 10/10 will do it again.

What are your first plans for your alien from Area 51? Tell me in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Nothing To Disclose

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