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Zoya Jubilee Swatch & Review

Monday, January 21, 2019nail a college drop out

Press Sample Hey! What's up? Hello. Today I've got a swatch and review of a collection that was originally featured on my Instagram stories. That's right. Zoya Jubilee has finally made it right here, to the blog.

Zoya Jubilee features a mix of cremes, shimmers, foils, PixieDusts, and one special effects topper. Leopard Spots, the special effects topper,  will be shown on the index and middle finger of the remaining 11 shades.

When I originally read the press release I thought this (meaning Leopard Spots) could be something. As it turns out, Leopard Spots is a black crackle/shatter polish. Something I found out the hard way, you ask? A thicker layer of LS will drag/spread the polish underneath if it is not completely dry.

 Now, let's move on to the other lacquers starting with Astrid.

Astrid is a warm yellow gold that is fully opaque in 2-3 coats.


Leigh is a "nude" that is super opaque in one coat. But it does require a second coat to self-level.


Carson is described by Zoya as a muted pink nude. The best part about this shade? It's a ONE-COATER. Yep. Full opacity in one singular coat.


Taryn is the fuchsia shimmer of the bunch. Smooth formula and is fully opaque in two coats.


Maxine is a cool, blue-based red creme. Something about this one kinda reminds me of the creme alternative to China Glaze Cherry Pie. The formula on this one isn't exactly creme and it isn't exactly jelly. It teeters that fine line of a crelly. Either way, it's fully opaque in two coats.


Allison is a berry-tone creme that achieves full opacity in two coats. Nothing unique about the color, but the formula is really smooth.


Cookie is in my top two--and it ain't number two--of this collection. A purple PixieDust with gold flecks? You bet this is the one I love.  


Chiara this purple creme is way more red-based than what my camera picked up. To give a better mental picture, I would say that it is a lot closer to Zoya Mira than to the outcome of my photo.



Danica, oh Danica! My second fav of the collection.The teal creme shade of my dreams. This swoon-worthy shade is opaque in two smooth coats.


Juniper is a teal PixieDusts with blue and purple flecks. This PixieDust is closure to the Ultra PixieDusts that came out five years ago.

Last, but not least we've got Kateri

Kateri is a chocolate creme that's fully opaque in one coat. I love brown cremes and the fact that this one is a one-coater makes it even better.

If you've read this far and want/need to catch up on the press release you can find it HERE.

What are your faves? Tell me in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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