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Tuesday, January 22, 2019nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose Hey. What's up? Hello. If that opening sounds familiar, you've either read my most recent post or you've listened to my radio show on 91.3 WBNY. Yes, ya girl is also a radio personality. Adding more notches to my resume one gig at a time.

Anyway, remember when I went to  (read: stalked) six or seven Walmarts to find Color Club over the summer? Well, it was a success. Remember when I took a reasonable guess that Color Club would continue to be a staple at Walmart? I was right about that too! Need a refresher? Click HERE.

Unlike the Color Clubs I bought back in August, this collection was found at two Walmart locations near me. It could possibly be in more, but I'm not about to go to six or seven stores to find something that I already found at the two Wally Worlds I frequent the most.

The Meet Your Match Collection consists of 16 nude shades. There is pretty much a nude lacquer for everyone. But I'm the most hype for of the nudes for brown girls like me. Shout out to COlor Club for finally getting a nude nail polish collection right. So many other brands that do nudes don't have the shade range.

With the exception of D.I.D. Nail Paint, there hasn't been a nude collection I was crazy about in, well, ever.

I've been waiting for this collection since I saw it on Instagram during Cosmoprof North America and when I saw this endcap my little heart jumped for joy. While I didn't pick up all 16 shades, I did however, end up coming home with nine of them.

Top Row: Au Natural, Exposed, The Skin You're In, Without A Stitch, Take It All Off
Bottom Row: Dare To Bare, Out In The Open, Nothing But A Smile, Let It All Out

I haven't gotten the chance to use these yet but they will be making an appearance on IG and in the Store Finds highlight.

For individual pics of each bottle, make your way over to @DropOutNails on Instagram.

Nothing To Disclose Are you as excited about this collection as I am? Let's exchange views on nudes in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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