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Zoya Jelly Brites - Special Edition 2018 Nail Art

Wednesday, July 18, 2018nail a college drop out

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Hi. Me again. I Still haven't found the work/life/school/blog balance. Forgive me? Okay cool. How about some bomb jelly splatter nails to make up for it!

It's summer and the jelly trend is back! Zoya brought out a special edition of their Jellies for the occasion. Don't know what a jelly finish is? Jelly lacquers are translucent but buildable and come in any color. Want a food-related reference? Think color and opacity level of gummy bears.

Jellie Brites Special Edition
L-R Molly | Paris | Alia

For these nails, I used all three Special Edition Jelly Brites and a PixieDust from a summer Zoya past, Tilly.

Tilly is a holographic PixieDust from the 2016 Sunsets & Seashells collection. By the way, S&S is in my top two favorite Zoya collections. 

After laying down Tilly as the base color, I moved on to splattering Molly, Paris, and Alia. Then, boom! My nails were done.

Zoya Jellie Brites Special Edition retails for $10 each at Zoya.com.

"Are you ready for this jelly?" -Beyoncé
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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