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China Glaze Rebel Swatch & Review

Tuesday, November 15, 2016Unknown

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Fall semester is almost over and I'll finally be able to sleep again! Oh and paint my nails! Anyway, in the meantime, I've got a swatch and review of the China Glaze Rebel collection for fall 2016.

With my shortage of free time, the quickest and most efficient way to swatch this 12-piece is the same way I do my comparison posts, on swatch sticks

Teen Spirit
A dark ink blue with fine metallic flecks of blue, green, and purple.
Two coats.

Heroine Chic
China Glaze describes this as a sultry chocolate crème with flecks of red shimmer. While I do co-sign the flecks of red shimmer part of that description, this is definitely closer to a dark griege with micro copper flecks and not chocolate.
3 coats.

Y'all Ready for This
Your standard warm red shimmer.
1 coat.

Holo At Ya Girl!
Another one of those China Glaze descriptions I just don't understand. "Green-gold holographic glitter[?]" Hmm. Must be more than one definition for a holographic nail polish.
1 coat. This is definitely meant as a glitter topper.

Jagged Little Teal
A dark teal créme. The formula is a bit thick on this one, but workable.
2 coats.

Fresh Princess
Your typical baby pink créme. Has the same formula as Jagged Little Teal
2 coats.

Don't mesh With Me
A Sheer lavender shimmer. Another topper.
2 coats.

Blue Ya!
A Sapphire blue with green shimmer.
2 coats.

Combat Blue-ts
A matte, royal blue. The only matte in the entire collection by the way. Honestly, truly, I wouldn't be mad if China Glaze did a full collection of just mattes.
2 coats.

Pearl Jammin'
China Glaze calls this gray. No seriously, they called it gray.
3 coats for full opacity.

Purple Fiction
Metallic Plum.
2 coats.

Dope Taupe
An almond taupe crème.
2 coats. Could be 1 if you finesse it right.

Miss the press release? Catch it HERE.

My favorites of the bunch? Don't Mesh With Me & Combat Blue-ts.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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