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Wednesday, August 24, 2016nail a college drop out

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It's that time of year again. Temperatures are cooling, days are getting shorter, school is starting. Yup, fall is vastly approaching and so are fall nail polish collections. So, as the title of today's post suggests--a full swatch and review of Zoya Urban Grunge that reaches on today's menu for your fall 2016 enjoyment.

Noah | Courtney | Wyatt | August | Mallory | Tara
Ash | Britta | Merida | Troy | Alicia | Finley

Per usual for Zoya and their fall collections, Urban Grunge contains a 6-piece set of creams and a 6-piece set of non-creams; this year the non-creams are a mixture of holos and metallics.

And per usual for me and my swatch style, I've paired each cream with it's (closest) matching non-cream. The cream is on my thumb, index, and middle fingers. While it's holo or metallic counterpart is on my ring and pinky fingers.

August Troy
August is cool-toned gray. Reminds me of an interior of a gray. Yeah, that shade of gray. anyway, it's definitely a one-coater, however, it has a pretty thick formula so I definitely recommend a drop of nail polish thinner.
Troy is a pewter foil that's reaches full opacity in two coats. Something about this shade looks familiar to me. I'll dig through my stash when I have the time to see if it is a dupe for anything.

Mallory & Alicia
Mallory is a highly pigmented Prussian blue. It's much thinner than August but still manages to reach full coverage in one coat. Added bonus? It doesn't stain like I thought it would.
Alicia is a linear holo that reaches the pictured opacity in three coats. Just take my word when I say that Alicia is even more impressive in direct sunlight.

Wyatt & Merida
Wyatt is one coat as promised. The formula wasn't too thick like August and isn't too thin like a lacquer that'll be mentioned later in this post. I'm gonna go on record and say that this is the perfect green for fall.
Merida is an evergreen scattered holo that only requires two coats. Much like Alicia, it is amazing in direct sunlight. While I'm really into this shade, it feels very winter/holiday to me. Will that stop me from wearing this fall or any other time of year? Nope.

Tara & Finley
Tara is your typical red-based plum. While the color may not be anything to write home about, the formula is very smooth and fully opaque in two coats.
Finley a purple scattered holo that is actually full opaque in two coats, despite the fact that there is some slightly visible nail line under the bright florescent lightly used to take these pictures.

Noah & Britta
Noah a mid-range taupe that I was really excited about when I got it and when I read the press release. But the excitement waned after I swatched and didn't like it against my skin tone. On the plus side it is a one-coater, but be sure to watch out for dragging and do add a drop or two of nail polish thinner to the bottle.
Britta your standard berry tone reaches full opacity in two coats.

Courtney & Ash
Courtney a deep, almost oxblood, red. While it is super pigmented, it's thin and requires 3-4 coats. Strange, I know.  *shrugs*
Ash is your standard metallic red shimmer that becomes fully opaque in two coats.

Wyatt | Noah | Mallory
Courtney | Tara | August 

My favorite from the creams? Wyatt. 

Metallics & Holos
Alicia | Troy | Britta
Ash | Finley | Merida

My favorite the metallics and holos? Merida & Alicia. How can anyone not immediately love a holo?

My least favorite overall? Courtney, Tara, and Noah. Courtney & Tara were too unoriginal. While Noah just wasn't very flattering.

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The Urban Grunge collection is available $10 per bottle, $60 for the one coat cream sample, & $60 for the metallics and holos sampler on

While fall may be vastly approaching, and end of summer may be nigh. We are that much closer to gray sweatpants season. ;)
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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