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Summer Nail Polish Haul Part 1

Monday, July 27, 2015nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose
Like any good nail polish addict enthusiast, I hoard buy tons of nail polish. Since summer is my favorite season ever for nail polish--every company, big & small, comes out with neons (my favorites) and plethora of other bright colors--it's only right to spend all my money budget more so I can acquire my favorite summer lacquers.

I've decided to do these in alphabetical order, so lets get this started with two Bonita Colors from their Turq It collection for summer 2015.
Turq It! | Honey Dew Your Thing 
I bought these solely because I saw CurlyComedyNailArt post them and knew I had to get them.

Next up are some miscellaneous Color Clubs I bought at Beauty Plus Salon
Disco Dress | Mrs. Robinson | Age of Aquarius
French Tip | Macaroon Swoon | East Austin

My intention was to replace the older, faded CCs in my collection, but Beauty Plus Salon was having a promotion where you buy one full size Color Club, get a mini Color Club free.

Now for a brand I was super excited to find on eBay--at a decent price might I add--LeChat Dare To Wear.
Dewdrops | Spearmint | Flawless White

Orange Blossom | Morning Melody | Sweet Iris

I ended up getting these for a little over $3 each plus free shipping.  Why was I excited about these? Welp, Dare To Ware is one of my favorite brands and it's almost impossible for me to get my not-so-little, well manicured hands on them.

Moving on to my first Girly Bits.
Hip Hop Hurray | Thumb Your Melons | Hooperchondriac
These Hips Don't Lie | I've Got High Hoops | It's Hoop to be Square

Being an avid neon fan getting a few shades from the Hoop! There It Is collection. Ever since the first time I saw the press release on Polish to Precision I knew I had to get my hands on my choice favorites.

Next up is Indigo Bananas
Diva Plumbum | Carbon Dallas | Phlogiston Paradise | Zinc Industries

I've been hearing about this brand for some years now and never pulled the trigger, until now.

My last nail polish subscription box was Square Hue and I kept finding them pretty boring. So with that being said, I signed up for Nail Glam!
International High-Stepper | Passport Stamps | So Cali

Last but not least, the Virtuous Polish Women of Valor collection.
Queen Ester | Naomi | Magdalene | Miriam
Deborah | Rahab | Ruth

Technically, this collection wasn't a summer collection. Technically, I purchased this in the spring.
But it's neon, so there.
I did some nail art with these awhile back, If you missed it click HERE.

Nothing To Disclose
What collections or shades have you purchased this year?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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