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Zoya Wishes Swatch & Review

Wednesday, January 07, 2015nail a college drop out

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The holiday season may be over but there's never not a season where holiday lacquer is not appropriate. Well, at least in my book. The Wishes Collection contains three Magical PixieDusts and three standard shades. The Magical Pixies are are on my thumb, ring, and pinky fingers; while the standard shades are on my index and middle fingers.

Nori & Prim
Nori is a Magical PixieDust with a deep sapphire jelly base.  Shown above in two coats.
Prim oh let me count the ways I love Prim. When the press release said it was intensely pigmented, it was serious. I got full coverage in one coat. But for blogging purposes only I used two to insure there would be no VNL (visible nail line) under my bright light and macro function on my camera.

Thea & Haven
Thea even though I've said time and time again that I exclusively love the regular PixieDusts to any other Zoya texture lacquer, but Thea turned out to be my second favorite of the collection. It was shiny without top coat (the way Magical PixieDusts are intended to be warn) and it's purple. #My2ndFavColorIsPurple Shown above in two coats.
Haven y'all know I prefer cremés so I was pretty shocked that Haven was a close contender for my favorite of the collection, let alone even like it. Clearly I have a thing for purples--and the formula was pretty easy to work with.

Imogen & Willa
Imogen Yeah, I have nothing positive to say about this one. it was three coats and reminded me of a less textured version of Essie's Belugaria. Less chunky, still icky worthy. I really couldn't deal with this shade.
Willa on the other hand is your standard black cremé, no complaints Full opacity in two coats. 

Overall I absolutely detested Imogen, the remaining lacquers were favorable, but my absolute favorite was Prim. How can anyone not love a one coat polish?

$9 (US) Standard Colors
$10 (US)  - PixieDust Colors

Available in top salons, spas and on 
Miss the full press release? Click HERE.

Are turned off by the Magical PixieDusts? Or are you still crazy about them?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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