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Nail Art Society Something Blue Kit

Wednesday, August 20, 2014nail a college drop out

Press Sample|Affiliate Link Along with getting ready for my first semester of college since January 2011, I've been catching up on previous Nail Art Society Kits, so today let's take a look back at May 2014 NAS kit

This kit was packed with goodies so I'm just going to list them below in no particular order.

Jessica Surfer Boyz N' Berry
a white, fine-point Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen
a set of The Créme Shop Nail Appliqués
2 midi rings
a nail shield 
nail scissors
2 3D nail art bows

I wanted something delicate but out of the ordinary; edgy but not super ostentatious. So I started by painting my nails with Jessica Surfer Boyz N' Berry.

After my base color was completely dry--I found out the hard way that using these pens while your polish is even slightly dentable is an absolute no-no. Unless you like really horrid looking smudges.--I drew half moons at the base of my nail beds using the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen.

Because I needed to add something to make these nails more dramatic, I layered The Créme Shop Nail Appliqués over the entire mani to complete the look.

Quick note about these appliqués is that the removal instructions say, "[w]ash hands with soap and gently peel off." With that being said, these babies are really only good until you wash your hands, so plan your mani accordingly.

Nail Art Society is a monthly subscription box where you can have dope, pre-selected nail art goods curated by NAS Artists delivered to your door for $11.95/month. Fly nails your cup of tea? Sign up here.

Press Sample|Affiliate Link
Since we're on the subject of wedding nails, click here to see the rest of my manicures dedicated to holy matrimony.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. That is a very pretty mani, shame the appliques don't stay one for more than one hand washing as they are very very nice!


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