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How I Wore It: Zoya Zenith Collection

Monday, November 18, 2013nail a college drop out

Press Sample It's Monday and the weekend is officially over. Anyone else grieving the lose of the weekend? Normally my days off are pretty decent, but this time I suffered not one, not two, but three nail breaks since last Friday (hence the lack of posting). After finally cutting all of nails back down to nubs I decided to try Zoya's Zenith Collection to make me feel better about my recent tragedy. The end result? Three looks using six lacquers.

The first of the three looks is a simple swatch of Mosheen and Seraphina.

Seraphina is a light metallic silver that reaches the above opacity in two coats while Mosheen is described as icy blue special effects topper.

I layered two coats of Mosheen on Seraphina on my thumb, index, and middle fingers to create a simple accent.

Next up is some simple color block nails using Belinda and Cassedy.

And for the third and final look I used my favorites of the collection, Dream and Payton!

As soon as I saw swatches of these guys I knew immediately they would be my go-to lacquers this holiday season. I mean, really, how can you not love them?

Overall I liked the variety in this six piece winter collection, not to mention the formula on all of them were great. Smooth application, metallics, and holographic glittters? Yes please.

The Zoya Zenith Collection is available on for $48 or $8 per bottle if you want to buy them individually.

Will you be adding any of these to your nail polish team this winter?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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  1. I LOVE your new nail length! Seraphina looks amazing on you! Great swatches.

  2. Oh, that's such a cool look with Dream and Payton! Nice job!

  3. This is one of my favorite winter collections thus far! Love the way you used the different polishes :)

  4. I love the second look. Purple is always a winner :)

  5. Love these!

  6. Gorgeous manis! I love how you showcased each shade perfectly within these unique nail art creations!! <3

  7. I love these! And I think that nail length looks great on you!

  8. Love these so much! I love Zoya!

  9. Thanks Leslie but it just feels so odd for me to have shorties. I can't wait until then grow out again.

  10. Seraphina has my heart honestly. You'd think the holos would be my holo grail but I LOVE how amazing seraphina looks.
    Love your nail art.


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