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L.A. Girl Sand Blast Swatch & Review Part I

Thursday, June 13, 2013nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose
Some time ago I polled you all via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ to see which L.A. Girl collection you would prefer to see swatches of. The choice was between 3D Effect and Sand Blast. If you take a look at the title for today's post, you'll see which collection prevailed.

How about we start things off with Quicksand shall we?

Quicksand is a blurple (a color the teeters the line between blue and purple) creme that is opaque in two coats. In true blurple fashion, depending on the lighting, Quicksand can lean more red or blue based.

Next is Sandals.

Sandals is a bright pink creme that obtains full opacity in three coats. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of pink nail polish, I really liked the way this color looked on my skin tone.

The last two polishes are shimmers. The first of the two is Green Island.

Green Island is a sea foam green shimmer that full coverage can be reached in two coats. Sadly, the shimmer doesn't really translate onto the nail. Sad face.

The final shimmer of the collection, and this post, is Glissand.

Glissand is a coral shimmer that, much like Quicksand and Green Island, becomes completely opaque in two coats. Unfortunately, the shimmer is pretty much lost on the nail.

We've got the swatches done, now let's get to the review!

What I like:
The color choice.
The smooth application.

What I Don't Like:
The dry time. Ugh! I can't express just how much I hated waiting for these to dry completely. Even after a considerable amount of time the polish was still dent-able.

How I procured them:
After seriously stalking several drug stores I couldn't find them.--In fact, I don't think I actually ever heard the official release date for these now that I think about it.--I bought them on eBay for $29.99 with free shipping.

Would I Buy More?
This collection doesn't have black or white, so I might be tempted to try those colors from another brand; provided I don't have to go on a wild hunt for them.

Nothing To Disclose Stick around for part two!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. Green Island is super pretty. Ps. LOVE the length of your nails! Raspberrykiss xo

  2. These are interesting! Fun swatches!

  3. Your nails are so long! They look amazing. I love the purple one. The grit seems a little finer than in the CG Texture polishes. I think I like it better like this.

  4. I love Sandals! It looks great on you!

  5. I bought the purple and blue from cherryculture.com. Wore them together in one mani. I didn't have much trouble with dry time. Also, they wore like iron! Lasted for at least a week without chipping and not much tipwear either.

  6. Green Island seems to be the most unique of the bunch and it's definitely pretty. I feel like the others are dupes of Milani, CG, etc. Oh well.

  7. Wow, where have I been--I didn't even realize this brand had done a textured line. Usually their new stuff turns up at my Rite Aid, but not this time.


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