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When Good Manis Go Bad: Hard To Photograph Colors Edition

Wednesday, December 26, 2012nail a college drop out

I spent the last few hours of my Christmas Eve watching Nailgasm and prepping my nails for Christmas with Mr. Nail A College Drop Out's family. I finally had the time to make one of my sketches a reality. Some time passed and my nails were finished! Overcome with excitement of opening my presentsshout out to my mom for buying the laptop this post is being written from by the wayand the need for sleep, I went to bed without even thinking to take photos of my newly well-manicured hands.

After a Christmas being surrounded by tons of delicious food (and Mr. Nail A College Drop Out of course) I finally decided to break out my camera and utilize my homemade light box. So here we are another segment of When Good Manis Go Bad.

Age of Aquarius is more yellow based in real life, nowhere near Color Club Twiggie, but not as blue based as my photo appears.

When I tell you Color Club Age of Aquarius gave me hell, I'm not even close to kidding. I adjusted camera functions, lighting, and even tried to take photos in my bathroom; and alas, no luck in capturing the true beauty of Age of Aquarius.

In case you're curious, I used Icing Posh Princess, QRS Nail 24KT, and Color Club Age of Aquarius.

All photography mishaps aside my Christmas was lovely.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. OMG what beautiful nails you have, and this design is super cute :)


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