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Zoya Sophisticates Swatch & Review

Saturday, January 27, 2018nail a college drop out

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'Tis a Friday night and I've got a full swatch & review of the Zoya Sophisticates collection.

With the exception of two lacquers, which will be noted, all shades reach full opacity in two, smooth coats. So let's get into it, shall we?

Presley & Mona
Presley Zoya's description of Presley is described as a smoky, mauve taupe cream. Honestly, that's pretty spot on. So I'll leave it at that.
Mona Remember when oxblood was the color? Well, Mona is the blue-based red equivalent.

Gal & Tabitha
Gal Requiring three thin coats, Gal is the only 3-coater in the collection. Remember that other IT color of nail trends past, Chanel Peridot? While this may not be a dupe, it may suffice if you don't want to splurge on the shade by those interlocking Cs.
Tabitha If you're a fan of pearlescent and deep greens than Tabitha is your girl.

Hadley & Elaine
Hadley Oh Hadley, Hadley, Hadley! Ah, a one coat crème! How could I not love this one, right? I'd be willing to say this is the perfect smoky, midnight blue
Elaine Per Zoya, this is umber brown. Um. Umber is reddish-brown.While the red undertones, the blue ones (making this shade appear more purple than anything) are more apparent. So Zoya, we can agree to disagree on this interpretation of umber.

Hera & Yvonne
Hera If you're into more shades of mauve, well, here ya go.
Yvonne Think of Yvonne as Mona's warmer sister.

Mckenna & Beth
Mckenna An almond nude with a hint of pearlescent sheen.
Beth Falls more along the lines of a taupe metallic with a small, small hint of pink.

Joni & Padma
Joni A dusty plum shade as described by Zoya.
Padma Not entirely sure where or how Zoya thought this was vermillion. But whatevs. *shrugs*

Overall, Zoya definitely got it right as far as formula goes on these. If you're in the market for "work appropriate" nail polish, Sophisticates definitely has you covered.
Click HERE for the Zoya Sophisticates press release.

Sophisticates are available now at

See any favs? Let's chat in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Press Sample

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