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KBShimmer Nauti By Nature Swatch & Review | Part I

Wednesday, April 05, 2017nail a college drop out

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By now you may have seen KBShimmer's Nauti By Nature collection. If so, you'll know it's a 12-piece set comprised of 6 holographic shades and 6 additional shades in either shimmer, crelly, or glitter finish.

To make it easier on myself I'm breaking up the swatch and review into two posts. What's up now? The holos of course.

Latitude Adjustment | Tropic Like It's Hot | Copa Banana
Macaw Me Maybe | The Girl Is Tiki | Keep Palm And Carry On

To avoid repetition I'm going to disclose now that the formula on all of these are the same and required two coats with the exception of Copa Banana which required three. All swatches are done with KBShimmer Clearly On Top top coat and a few different nail vinyls were used on my index and middle fingers just because.

Latitude Adjustment
Latitude Adjustment is a blue-leaning lavender holo. I'm gonna go on record and say that this and Tropic Like It's Hot are my faves. If I was subject to living in a universe where I could only pick two of the six holos, those would be it.

Tropic Like It's Hot
♪♫Tropic Like It's Hot, Tropic Like It's Hot♪♫ Snoop Dogg song and dance break aside, I can definitely sea--get it, see? Yeah, I know, corny joke alert--how this shade was inspired by tropical waters. Not gonna lie, when I swatched this shade I seriously asked myself if a mermaid lived in the bottle. Also, it was 3am when I swatched this. Not that it makes that question any less valid, but still.

Copa Banana
Copa Banana is a beautiful golden yellow holo. I may or may not like this shade solely based on a nickname given to me by friends.

Macaw Me Maybe
♪♫Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. Here's my number, Macaw Me Maybe?♪♫ I genuinely thought "Call Me Maybe" was the most obnoxious song in 2012. I would say I hated it, but that's too strong. But I definitely had a strong dislike of it. So imagine my surprise that I've been playing it for three days since I first swatched this ruby red holo on Monday morning.

The Girl Is Tiki
The Girl Is Tiki while I'm generally not a huge fan of pinks/reds/corals, this coral is sure to be a crowd pleaser for just about anyone.

Keep Palm And Carry On
Keep Palm And Carry On is a yellow leaning green that you can certainly see how it was inspired by lush green scenery.

Stick around for part II for shimmer, crelly, and glitter finishes.
If you missed the press release with full descriptions and inspiration for Nauti By Nature click HERE.

KBShimmer’s Nauti By Nature collection is available now at KBShimmer.com, Amazon.com, and select salons & retailers.

Press Sample

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