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Summer Nail Polish Haul Part 2

Monday, September 21, 2015nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose
It's September, and before I get into to reviewing fall collections, I should probably finish showing you all the (mostly neon) polishes I bought this summer right? Right.

If you happened to miss part one of my summer nail polish haul, you can still catch it HERE.

Anyway, kicking things off in alphabetical order is Color Club.

Under The Blacklight | 'Til The Record Stops | Meet Me At The Rink
Disco's Not Dead | Diggin' The Dancing Queen | Feathered Hair Out To There | Hot-Hot-Hot Pants

Oh how I lusted after these the moment I saw them on the internets. *swoon*
If you missed it, HERE is the nail art I did using all the Poptastic Pastel Neons.

Fair Maiden
Daredevil | Let's Get Physical | Don't Be Shy | Reach for the Sky

I bought these solely because I wanted to see if Don't Be Shy was anything like the original SifulColors Dream On--it wasn't--and there was no point in paying shipping for just one bottle of nail polish, so bought three other colors.

In the Name of Polish
Punjab | Hannigans Shenanigans | Annie's Fro
Tiffany Locket | Leapin Lizardz | Sun'll Come Out

My dedication to nail polish of the neon variety is obvious. Hence, the acquisition of the Hard Knock Life collection. Sadly, both Punjab and Annie's Fro have faded significantly.
At the time of this post I have contacted the maker and awaiting a response. I'll update this post with the outcome.

UPDATE: After contacting the maker I was sent a replacement Punjab and Annie's Fro.

In the meantime, here's a picture from my instagram of the HKL collection when I first got them.

For Sail By Owner | Leggo My Mango | Bahama Drama
Rum Me The Right Way | Sarong Place, Sarong Time | In Yacht Water
(not pictured: Let's Not Coral)

These were another collection I was so pressed to have.
When I saw the press release, my little polish loving heart went into overdrive, and I literally counted down the days to their release. By the time the day rolled around I was so busy with work and school that I completely forgot about them (only momentarily). I thought for sure that the collection would've sold out when I was finally home to make a purchase. But alas! They weren't!
Besides ain't nobody got time to babysit a restock. *cough* Pipe Dream Polish *cough*

Peep the nail art look using For Sail By Owner & Leggo My Mango HERE.

On The Edge | Push The Limit | Thrill Seeker
Risky Behavior | Be Daring | Fireball

I scored the Adrenaline Rush collection for $9.99 and I believe the shipping was pretty minimal, is not free. Unfortunately I can't remember for the life of me what site I got them from. =(

Pure Nail Lacquer

Loyal | Love Life | Sunday Brunch | Endless

I can't remember exactly what I paid per bottle, but when I glanced at their site today, most if not all of Pure's polishes are around the $3 mark. Score!

She' Nail Polish
Things Women Love | Wine, Fruit, and Convo

She' is a brand I had been following on IG for awhile and finally pulled the trigger when their summer 2015 collection came out.
If you missed the saran wrap mani I created using these two shades, the post is still live HERE.

Vivid A Try | neON and ON | The Bright Thing
Rays Of Bright | Bright To The Point

A trip to Walgreens was in order the day I caught word of this collection; moreso because I thought neON and ON would've been a dead on dupe for Dream On. Yet again, it wasn't. *le sigh*
What lacquers did you procure this summer? What collections did you let slip you buy? Let's chat and/or cry about it in the comments.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Nothing To Disclose

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