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Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Fall 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose  

Friday afternoon I saw a post on Nouveau Cheap about the new Limited Edition  Sally Hansen X-treme Wear Fall 2013 Collection and my little polish heart went into immediate hoard mode. I contemplated going to Walgreen's after work to scoop them up, but alas, my body was far more tired than I though, and I fell asleep.

Saturday rolls around, I get up, shower, shave my legs,--possible TMI? I've been avoiding wearing dresses all week b/c I've been too lazy to do so prior to Saturday. Definite TMI--got dressed, and headed over to the hunting grounds.I walk in, removing my $5 sunglasses from my eyes and stroll around to the cosmetics department. AND BINGO! The entire display was untouched! You know, until I got there.

Fast forward to Monday morning and I've got swatches!

I doing these swatches a little differently because I'm still rocking the hell out of my last mani. (Seen here.)

I broke out my handy dandy swatch sticks so let's get started with Frazzle Dazzle. Shall we?

Frazzle Dazzle is multi-sized copper hex pieces and black bar glitter suspended in a clear base.

Glitter Gun- Multi size gold hexagon and multi-size white bar glitter.

Green Rocket - Multi-size emerald green and white bar/hexagon glitter.

Rosey Shooter - I'm sure you're getting the point by now, right?

Sea-ly String - A bit more complex the the other X-treme Wears I picked up. This guy is multi-size black, blue, and silver haxagon glitter, along with black bar glitter suspended in a translucent blue base.

Spark in the Dark - Multi size black and gold glitter dispersed throughout a clear base.

And I couldn't not pick up Strobe Flash! it;s the typical black and white glitter that we all know and love! I mean, why stalk eBay for an over priced Lynnderella when you don't have to?

The entire fall collection has ten lacquers but I only picked up seven. Why? Because one looked like an exact dupe of China Glaze Glitz N Pieces and the other two look like something a four year old would throw together if left to their own devices.

All seven of the shades I picked up are two coats without top coat and require a minute amount of maneuvering on the nail bed--in this case, swatch stick--for full coverage.

By the way I got these on sale for $1.99/bottle! I don't know if these are still on sale, but I've never paid full retail for X-treme Wears at Walgreens.

Looking to stock up on these LE lacquers? May the odds ever be in your favor.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.
Nothing To Disclose

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  1. These are so pretty! And the price point is awesome!!

  2. Ahhhhh! These look great! I looked for these at Target because they seem to get things on time, but now I'll just have to flat out stalk every store :)

  3. I so want all of these, great images of the products

  4. I'm going to have to look for these! <3

  5. I'm definitely going to have to check these out!

  6. I haven't seen these yet! Thanks for sharing ;)

  7. I need to look for these! SO glad you posted them so fast!

  8. I have to pick up some of these. Where did you get your swatch sticks with Sall
    y Hansen written on them?

  9. I love Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. You can't go wrong. Sea-ly String is my fave of this bunch!

  10. oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnn i need to buy Glitter Gun!

  11. Hello there! I just want to ask about the way you swatch your nail polish, do you paint it above or under the swatch stick? I google and some say, swatch underside of the swatch stick. What do you recommend when swatching? Paint above or the undersdie? Thanks!


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