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Oh, I'll Glitz Your Bitz Alright!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013nail a college drop out

You ready for today's post? No? Well you better get ready because I've got swatches of China Glaze Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces for you!

I'm actually excited about this collection for two reasons.
1. Its glitter.
2. China Glaze is finally making a step to represent all of the women who buy their products.

I sincerely hope to see more women of color as campaign models in the future for CG.

Now let's get to the swatches!

Bling It On over Savina Neon Yellow
Bling It On is described as a royal purple. It leans closer to blue to me. If only it were a redder based purple.

Glitz 'n Pieces over Dare to Wear DJ Mix

Graffiti Glitter over Icing Fresh Squeezed
I have a feeling that this emerald green glitter will become Mr. Nail A College Drop Out's favorite of the bunch.

Mosaic Madness over China Glaze Life Is Rosy
And here's my fav in the group...

Scattered & Tattered over Love & Beauty Orange
There's something about this guy I just don't like, but I just can't pinpoint it. Hmm...

Razzle Me, Dazzle Me over Orly Decades of Dysfunction
I'm not a general fan of pinks--more specifically, soft pinks--but for whatever reason I like this one.

Time for the actual review folk!
-Overall the formula was on the thicker side, but as a result all of these swatches were done with one coat. Nice right?
-I wish the folks over at CG kept the original gold version of Glitz 'n Pieces.
-Some fishing needed to be done to get the larger hexagon glitters.
-These were waaaaaaaaayyyyyy easier to work with than Whirled Away from the Cirque Du Soleil collex.

*some products provided by PR/Manufacturer for review*

If you haven't seen this collection at your local Sally Beauty Supply yet, you can find them from a few online etailers. My personal fav is

Seen any must haves?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. I love the color combos that you did! I recently picked up Bling It On and Razzle Me, Dazzle Me and I love them!

  2. OH YES! Love a good glitter bomb post!
    Bling It On is my fave!

  3. I picked up Scattered and Tattered but I may end up getting a couple more.


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