Misa Misa Wanderlust Collection

Misa Cosmetics Wanderlust Collection

Tuesday, September 04, 2012nail a college drop out

Transport Nails to Colorful Escapades All Season Long With Misa Cosmetics’ Wanderlust Collection.

Sometimes you just have to get away. But whether you’re traveling to far-off exotic locales or simply going for a spin on the town, you need nails that personify glamour, grace and subtle sophistication. Enter the Misa Cosmetics Fall 2012 collection, Wanderlust, with six polishes that offer understated femininity and a definite departure from the ho-hum. When the desire to explore new horizons hits, make sure that nails are also prepared for a fantastic voyage.

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  1. Gorgeous fall colors! One of my fav polishes is a Misa. Spaced Out :-) Wish I could buy them somewhere other than online! Thanks for sharing


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