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Saturday, October 01, 2016nail a college drop out

Way back in the beginning of this blog I bought and used a lot of Color Club. Over time the Beauty Plus Salon I frequented didn't carry the new collections as much, and the new collections they did carry were pretty boring.

Color Club themselves doesn't do tons of press releases--at least, to my knowledge--the way Zoya, China Glaze, Deborah Lippmann, etc. does; so the brand became pretty much out of sight out of mind.

In turn, I spent a serious amount of time behind on what the brand was producing. In retrospect, I could've checked their website, but why? Shouldn't their marketing department do a better job of trying to get me to buy the product? Joking, but serious here.

So imagine my surprise when I walk in my closest Beauty Plus Salon and see the Poptastic Pop Wash Collection on display.

This got me thinking, "what other collections have they done that I was oblivious to?" Turns out Color Club released so many hits all summer '16.

Tube Top | FlushedDarling Clementine Hello Sunshine | Just Dew It Out Of The Blue | Uncorked

Trapper Keeper | Study Buddy | Cliff Notes | Chalk It Up | Extra Credit | School Yard Crush | Tic-Tac-Toe

Yassss | OMG | SMH | JK | 100 | CHILL | SQUAD


While I didn't get the Pop Wash collection, I did buy the Nailmoji collection (the neon set of course). Y'all know how much I love neons.

Do you keep up with what Color Club produces?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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