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China Glaze Twinkle Collection Swatch & Review Part 1

Thursday, December 25, 2014nail a college drop out

Press Sample It's Christmas and I've been absent from this blog for 2 months. Due in part to having a web designer give it a complete overhaul, but mostly because this past semester of school has been a lot of hard work.

But anyway, in honor of Christmas Day, I have one part of the China Glaze Twinkle Collection.

Let's kick things off with December To Remember

It's described as a dark blue with iridescent shimmer and it reached the above opacity in 2 coats.

Define Good...
Define Good... is a deep cranberry shimmer with a smooth formula that is fully opaque in 2 coats.
Admittedly this wasn't my favorite color from the group (y'all know I'm not a red fan) but the formula is on point with this shade.

Tip Your Hat
My camera had a problem capture the true hue of Tip Your Hat. In the above photo it almost looks like a bright cherry red, but in reality it falls somewhere between cranberry and brick red.
I'm not a fan of red polishes but in this polishes' defense, it's a créme and it has a smooth formula that is opaque in 2 coats.

Out Like A Light
Ah yes! Another créme with a A1, top notch formula! Out Like A Light is a dark gray créme that I reached full opacity in one coat. It was a little thick, but it very easy to work with. I like this shade, but I definitely don't think "dark gray  créme" when I think Christmas nail polish.

I'd Melt For You
I'd Melt For You is a silver chrome shade that requires a bit of finessing in the application process.
It was patchy in some spots on the first coat, some nails were fine after the second coat, but a few nails needed a third to level everything out.

No Peeking
No Peeking is an eggplant shimmer that reaches full opacity in 2 coats. Not, my favorite color of the group, but it does have a redeeming formula.

Overall my favorite shade from this group is Out Like A Light, but my favorite polish name is Define Good...

What are your picks from part 1 of this collection?
Let's chat in the comments! Also, merry Christmas lovers!
Press Sample

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