Nothing To Disclose First nail art of 2014 today! I've been buying water decals like crazy these days and thought I should probably use the ones I have before I buy even more.
I bought two sets of decals that had onomatopoeias and that brings us here.

This mani has some of everything so here we go. I used Dare To Wear Flawless White, Illamasqua Noble, and Illamasqua Cameo as base colors.
Dare To Wear Yellow Twist | Illamaqua Noble | Dare To Wear Flawless White | Illamasqua Cameo | China Glaze Igniting Love

For the exclamation points and lightning bolt I used  Sephora by OPI (not pictured), Dare To Wear Yellow Twist, and China Glaze Igniting Love. Than I stamped dots and a checkerboard  with Dare To Wear Flawless White using Mash-38 and OB12 Hello Kitty plates.
And for the decals I used a few from RLR Creations and, a fast favorite of mine, Dope Digits.

I told you this mani had some of everything!
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Nothing To Disclose