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Wednesday, October 30, 2013nail a college drop out

Nothing To Disclose Yes, today's post does feature Shu Cream. What in the world is Shu Cream? In real life, Shu Cream is a Japanese desert similar to a cream puff. In the nail world, it's a nail polish from Nanacoco. Never heard of either until recently (read: just now)? You're welcome for this installment of fun facts.

Nanacoco Shu Cream is a translucent tan jelly base with different size white, copper, and silver glitter throughout.

Because the color is so sheer, I decided to layer it over OPI My Vampire is Buff before adding the embellishments I bought on eBay.

The diamond ring shaped gold pieces have all of the same qualities of the Hello Kitty pieces I used last week; very malleable and easy to cut.

I intended to glue the pyramid spikes to the back of my cell phone case--hence why they're so large--but after that so-called life proof case broke after falling the short distance from my bed to my carpeted floor, that ended up being a no go.

I've never seen Nanacoco nail polish in any store before so score for my local beauty supply! They also have Essie for $4 and OPI for $5 so what's not to love right? Right!

Will you be adding some Shu Cream to your life? Either lacquer or desert? Chime in.
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

Oh! I almost forgot, if you run out and pick up the November 2013 issue of Nailpro Magazine you'll see a familiar face set of nails!

Nothing To Disclose

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  1. Very unique and beautiful! Never heard of either but very enticing to me! :)

  2. These are cute!!! I love Shu Cream (the dessert) ;) I'm new to this polish, but it looks lovely!

  3. CONGRATS on NailPro! =) And this mani is super cool...those little diamond rings are adorable!

  4. Nanacoco Shu Cream totally reminds me of Banana Pudding LOL love it!

  5. Cute polish from a brand I never heard of. I Love the gold rings nail art stuff.


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