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Icing Candy Shop & Twisted Fantasy

Saturday, October 06, 2012nail a college drop out

Here are two new polishes from one of my favorite brands, Icing.

Let's start with Candy Shop

The first time I looked at the name I was immediately taken back to the wedding singer in The Hangover. Best. Rendition. Of. A. 50 Cent. Song. EVER!

Anyway, Candy Shop is a neon pink polish with a decent amount of rainbow glitter. It's a bit on the sheer side put build-able. (Shown above in three coats with top coat.)

Next, I have Twisted Fantasy.

For this guy I have no funny anecdotes. So here's my straight forward review; Twisted Fantasy (while being very pretty in the bottle) was the problem child of the two. While Candy Shop had no problems with application; it's very sheer, even after four coats, and I had problems with dragging. (Shown above in four coats with top coat.) I'm sure this polish would be better suited as a layering polish.

How do you feel about these new releases from Icing?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. I love these! Icing has some really great polishes....I wish I had one near me!

  2. i picked those two up as well as two other new icing called "lucky penny" (copper/gold/orange multi glitter) and this other one..i cant think of the name offhand but its silver,magenta,blue glitter and holo glitter and some shard glitter mixed in..very cool! :)i love icing polishes they're just so original!

  3. I love that Icing seems to be keeping up with the indie trends making it easier and even a little more affordable to nab beauties like these. I'm so totally loving Candy Shop <3

  4. Never seen this brand before! But I love it!! Is it 3free? =S
    Candy shop reminds me of the 50 cent song lol
    Anyway, I loved this pink! =)


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