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Thursday, March 01, 2012nail a college drop out

You guessed it. Yet another post about all of the goodness that is Icing nail polish!

L-R Lemme See Your Peacock, Radio Super Star, Sunlit

I bought Lemme See Your Peacock solely based on the name, but honestly it is nothing more than a medium shaped hexagon glitter combination of Disco Ball, Wear While, and The Party Has Arrived. So, if you already have those three you could very well pass on this guy.
The real star of this post in my eyes is Radio Super Star. In some lighting the stars give a holographic effect!
Sunlit is a bunch of silver slivers of holographic bar glitter suspended in a translucent gold base. 

L-R Gold Dust (version 2), Diamond Shield Top Coat, Too Hot Too Handle

Gold Dust is tiny tiny bits of gold and copper glitter. 
Diamond Shield Top Coat should not be used on top of nail art (causes a lot of dragging) but it is perfect for glitters.
Too Hot Too Handle is more pink (and less red) and a tad less neon than pictured, but nonetheless a nice neon pink polish.

Which one is your fav in the bunch?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish.

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  1. I love icing glitters!
    And in no small part because you're always showing them off. I bet your collection of icing polishes is huge!

  2. Hi there ! I borrow a picture of the Icing polish bottles on this post from you, if it's okay with you? I refer to your blogsite and tell that the picture is yours. I'm making a post about polish brands that I'm attemted to but don't yet own any. Icing is one of such brands and obviously it's hard to find any promo pics that could be easily used for this matter... But just mention me if you want it to be taken off, I'll do it.


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