Blue Glitter

And This Makes 400!

Sunday, January 01, 2012nail a college drop out

I guess I can consider this a milestone (or an overly developed addiction). I prefer the former.

As usual I stopped into my local Icing and picked up a few beauties. I only got three because, well, I have every other polish they sell.

L-R Written In the Stars, Teal Me I'm Awesome, All Night Long

Written In the Stars- A translucent lavender base with two different sized hexagon shaped holographic glitters and medium toned blue star glitter suspended throughout.

Teal Me I'm Awesome- Another single colored hexagon shaped glitter similar to these, but instead of laying completely flat, the glitter in TMIA sort of "curls." I like the polish but Icing has yet to understand what the color teal actually looks like.

All Night Long- Blue micro glitter, navy hexagon glitter, and silver hexagon glitter densely packed in a clear base.

All three lacquers are shown in three coats.

Do you think 400 bottles is warrant to be nominated for TLC's My Collection Obsession?
Tune in. Drop out. Love polish

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